99 beetle rough idle



I need help, 99 beetle 2.0 ,

start car,starts up runs extremly choppy for a second or two and dies, start again same thing but stays running for a few more seconds, start again usually will stay running but idles very rough choppy, if i give it gas it will start out choppy for a second until i give more gas it snaps out of it if i rev over 2000 rpms… keep it reved smooth as can be, then drop to idle its not quite as bad but still rough as i rev over and over it starts to get better responding more to the gas, take it on the road withing about ten minutes it idles almost perfect…

I had thought it was my 02 sensors since that is the code im getting p0135,90134 checked o2 sensors, when i pulled the connection plugs located under the car under a plastic shield, disonnected both o2s the plugs both had water in them i mean alot of water i kept shaking them and water kept coming out. took a hair dryer and dryed them… connected them back up and she idles smooth for two days, then she started doing it again…

on another note the car had sat for about two years after being put in a ditch or so i was told… my neighbor says the gas smells bad from the exhaust… and suggested i put more gas in it… i also tried putting heat in the tank… in any case im trying to get some feedback…

oh and i replaced the crank position sensor,and the timing chain. have had some say maybe the timing is off but in my opinion it would not run great at higher rpms and also it would not have idle great for two days… im thinking of changing the fuel filter, and maybe the 02sensors… but have so much money rapped up in this car im going broke…

thanks for any suggestions



The most common problem that I have seen with these bugs are failing air flow meters. I’m pretty sure you can remove it and clean it with an electrical cleaner spray. be careful not to damage it. let it air dry, do not use shop air! Good luck


thanks for the post, i will certainly try the mass airflow sensor and cross my fingers…
i will repost tomorrow.
thanks, kevin