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'99 & '92 Camrys share same battery type?

I have a '92 Camry with 303K miles; it’s been sitting idle since cold weather killed its battery. My daughter’s college car, a '99 Camry, will go in for tire rotation tomorrow. If I get her a new battery in the '99 , could her old one power the '92 (which I plan on keeping no more than 4 months)?

One battery is 24, I think, and the other is 26. Is that a crucial differnce?

Can you look at both cars at the same time? A size 24 is a very common battery, it usually is the biggest battery you can get today. Size 27 was larger but I don’t think those are available anymore. I think the 26 is about an inch shorter so it should fit where the 24 was.

Batteries have gotten so much more efficient, and engines start quicker and more reliably than they used to so smaller sized batteries are used today. It should be able to power your older Camry. The big question will be if the terminals are on the same side of the battery.

This really is a look and see situation.
Yes, they’re different sizes but the compatability question lies in the car’s batter tray and mounting. Many times there’s leaway there and you could swap.

The 24 series is 11"L x 7"w x 8.7"t
the 26 is 8.75"L x 7"w x 7.8"t
the terminals are on the same side.

Some batteries have plastic covers which you might choose to discard if it does’n fit.