98 Volvo S70 anti-freeze question

For about a month and a half my anti-freeze light has been lighting up. Mechanic said don’t worry, just add some anti-freeze. I just realized that my drivers side floor is soaked in anti-freeze. Mechanic does not know why. Any suggestions? Besides getting a new mechanic?

Most likely you will need a new heater core, but check the hoses to the heater core first, just in case one is leaking and somehow the coolant is getting into the passenger compartment.

I’ll second Keith and also agree that you need to find another mechanic if he does not have a clue as to why this can happen.

definitely get a new mechanic. Go with the heater core.

Its likely a pricey fix, like the others said heater core is likely culprit. Get it fixed ASAP and leave your windows cracked. Anti-freeze is terrible thing to be breathing in health wise.