98 Sienna a/c light flashing

I’ve been good at keeping the maintenance up - it had it 75k check up last year (has 86k now) - the a/c shuts itself off & the ac light flashes -

I know I need to take it in, I was just wondering what I could expect to be wrong & what I need to budget.

Thanks in advance


Most likely a low refrigerant charge.


As Matt said, it likely is the refrigerant. I suggest that you take it to a A/C mechanic with the right tools and skills to check it and do the job. It should be inspected for leaks since A/C units don’t “use” refrigerant, they may leak it however.

A/C systems have, traditionally, been expected (by “lay” car owners) to lose about a can of refrigerant per year. So, a simple recharge was the yearly ritual. Now, you’ll hear “authoritative” figures saying that you MUST repair ALL leaks. Others, say that’s not necessary. Today’s refrigerants are thought to be more environmentally friendly than those in use before. In the end, you decide.