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Saturn ion3 ignition replacement and electrical problems

I had the ignition switch replaced, now have problems with the key fob not locking the doors, not setting the alarm correctly, the inside cabin lights turn on and won’t go off, door locks click when driving, panic alarm goes off. Dealership said they did not disconnect the battery when installing the new ignition switch. Told me maybe a mouse chewed through the wires. I told them the mouse was from their dealership if true. Never had any of these issues until immediately after the ignition switch was replaced. Can you help?

I would take it back and tell them to fix it! I would check into small claims court and file a claim against them if they don’t. More than likely they would not show up at court and you’ll have a judgement against them. Since they did not disconnect the battery it could be their fault or the switch could be bad. Either way they should fix a problem they caused. You could also call the GM area rep and ask for help.