98 Pathfinder with faulty compass/temp reading mirror

i have a 98 Pathie, really like it, but the rearview mirror no longer shows the outside temp or acts as a compass. I usually know what direstion I am going, but the outside temp would be nice to know on cold days. Any ideas? I don’t think its a fuse.

If there isn’t any signs of power getting to the mirror I would check to see if there is any.

Cougar is right.

You’ll need a multi-meter or another tester to check for 12V going to the temp/compass component.

The wires for this component will be routed from the temp sensor to the mirror via the door frame and headliner.

First, check to see if any wire is broken between the mirror and the top of the windshield.

You can phone a dealer to locate the temp sensor if you don’t know its location. You MAY see it in front of the radiator.