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98 Pathfinder intrument problems

98 Pathfinder that losses power to all the instrument cluster except the fuel gauge after running with the lights on for about an hour. If turned off for a few minutes power returns. Am I losing ground? Where do I start to look? I get a code 500(speedo sensor) when this happens.

There are at least a couple of fuses that supply power to the cluster. Fuse 9 has grn/red wire going to the cluster. There is an accessory relay that supplies power to that fuse along with the mirrors and wiper, on seperately fused legs. If the mirrors or wiper also don’t work when the trouble happens then the relay is the best suspect for this trouble. That is what I put my money on for this trouble.

A wht/red wire from fuse 18 also supplies power to the cluster. The ignition relay supplies power to that fuse along with a number of other things. If that relay was a problem I would think you would have a lot more trouble so I doubt that one is causing this trouble.

Hi Cougar, Thanks for the info. I will check the items you advised. Can I get back to you for more info if this doesn’t work?