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Car cranks but won’t start until I give it gas

I have a 96’ Maxima SE. the first couple days have been fine and starting perfectly. Just over the past couple days I’ve noticed it turns but won’t start unless I give it gas. Please help!

The problem might be with the Idle Air Control valve.

The IAC valve allows air into the engine anytime the gas pedal isn’t depressed.

So if the valve doesn’t open when trying to start the engine, the engine isn’t going to start.

But if you step on the gas pedal where the throttle plate opens and allows air into the engine, the engine starts.


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Your engine could be flooded. Press the gas pedal and hold it there until the engine starts.

Does it happen only on cold starts? Only on warm starts? Or both?

All cars were like that once, I would not worry about it on a 22 year old car unless it gets worse. You have already discovered how to start it.

Thanks man I’ll look into it