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98 neon and no power

My neon does nothing when I turn the key. I put a new batery in and still nothing, only the feul gauge moves; no beeps for the door open no dome light, nothing. What is the deal??

Replaced the battery. Recently? Correct battery for this vehicle?

Remove/clean and replace (wrench tight) both battery cables at BOTH ends to ensure proper contacts.

Ensure ALL ground connections are clean and tight as well. Check the ground strap from the engine to the chassis too.

If all that checks out fine, then there MAY be an ignition system fault.

The deal is that you need someone who knows how to use a test light, to follow the power from the battery to inside the car. Ground straps and ground wires need to be check with a volt/ohm meter.

If the brake lights come on when the brake pedal is depressed, that shows that power is getting as far as the power disribution center under the hood. The fuel gauge being powered shows that there is some power delivery, and a ground path back to the battery.

Also, check the fuses. Some cars have a master fuse for power distribution to the dash, including the ignition switch. You can’t rule out a blown fuse.

Also, is the battery installed corrctly? Double check the polarity, and do not go by color. The negative is ground to the engine block or body.