1997 olds 88

I have a 1997 88 with 79k. When the engine is warm and my foot is off the gas, the car occasionally dies. I can restart it each time this occurs.
Any ideas?


Have you had the fsult codes read?

You mean AIC… lol… nitpick over. Actually I think different mfg and or different manuals use both of those terms for the same thing, cause I think I’ve seen it both ways…or maybe it was just me juxtaposing letters again. No matter

Control valve is what we’re talkin anyway

It could be the IAC motor, but that motor is controlled by the computer, and the computer will not send any signals to it unless it knows that your foot if off the gas pedal. The way that the computer knows your foot is off the gas may be from a separate idle position sensor or by the zero position of the TPS (throttle position sensor).

You could have a defective TPS, but more often, its simply that the throttle plate is not closing completely. That can be due to a build up of carbon on the throttle body or some attempted to “adjust the idle” by turning the throttle stop screw. The idle is NOT adjustable.

A screwdriver once cured this…Now it’s a $100 bill or maybe a $500 bill…Olds, Pontiac, Saturn…You guys are on your own…