98 mustang clicking

I have a 98 mustang v6 that has developed a clicking problem. When I use the accelerator it will make a clicking noise. It is only there when I use the accelerator and u if I press down harder the noise is drowned out. I put the car in nuetral and also applied the gas to see if it depended on me moving or not and I still heard the clicking but it was a lot faster. It comes from under the hood area but I don’t know where (as specific as I can get). Thanks!

I believe this is a duplicate post with a slightly different title. I suggest making all new post to the other, currently active thread.

Lets try something simple first. How old is the serpentine belt? If it’s more than 4 or 5 years old it’s due for replacement.

Old belts can make all sorts of noise. Spray some water onto the belt with the engine running to see if clicking noise stops or changes. Avoid belt dressing, it’s a band-aid at best and it makes a mess under the hood.

If the belt does need changing, use a high quality belt like a Goodyear Poly-V.

Ed B.