Clicking Noise in Engine

I am a new Corvette owner. I had the serpentine belt replaced this week and the car came back with a clicking noise in the engine. The mechanic says it may be a rod. Could this work have caused it? It was not making the noise when I took it in. Any suggestons as to what else this could be? I’d appreciate any help. I am clueless when it come to auto mechanics. Anyone know a good Corvette mecahnis for the LT4 engine in Alabama? Thanks!

Replacing a serpentine belt could NOT cause a engine rod to go bad. They are totally unrelated. Find another mechanic. Without hearing the noise it’s almost impossible to determine what the cause is.

The noise sounds like a click…like metal touching. It gets louder as the engine revs and I accelerate. It is not present when the car idles.
Thanks for your reply. Any help I can get is appreciated.

Serpentine Belt Tensioner (bad bearings perhaps?) would be my guess- Considering the work just done to the car.