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98 Mercury Grand Marquis Power Locks Not Working


The Power Locks, Trunk Release and Power Windows Lock on my 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis have stopped working altogether. They don’t work with either the key remote or the actual control panel in the car itself. So the only way to open the car or trunk is the old fashioned way, with the key.

SO FAR…I’ve tried replacing the fuse - a 20 Amp CB - on the fuse panel, but it had no effect.

What’s my next step?


Recently a different key remote stopped working for this same issue. I tried replacing the battery in the key remote, but it had no effect. So I began using my spare key remote and it worked fine for about a week. But during this time the control panel in the car still worked properly. Now nothing works. Not sure if the other remote’s issue was related or not to what’s wrong now.

There is a blk/wht wire that should run from the CB to the various devices. Get a test light probe and verify that voltage is getting to the various devices. There is a splice in the line and the trouble may be there. If you can’t find the splice and it appears that is the trouble you could run a new wire from the CB connection to one of the connections on the blk/wht wire and it should back feed power to the other areas after the splice.