98 ford taurus just stops running



i have a 98 ford taurus and the other day it just stopped running at a stop light. after having it towed home i took out my jump pack and it started up and ran for like 15 mins and it shut off agen.i jump started it agen but when i took the jump pack off it stopped agen. any ideas as to what i need to look at?


Was the red battery light on the dash illuminated? Sounds like the battery is dead. Have the battery and the alternator checked.


no battery light on


i tried something. i get the car started and un-hooked the battery it ran but after 10mins it shut off.


Don’t disconnect the battery while the engine is running!

This can cause a sudden voltage spike that can damage computers and other electronic components.



@Tester; is right. Don’t pull the cable on a running car. That was a throwback of a test when cars had generators not alternators.