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1997 Ford Taurus- intermittently won't start

Occasionally the car won’t start. Either sluggishly turns over or gives clicking sound. You can jump it. It runs fine and starts fine for about two weeks. Then the same problem.

The alternator, belt and tensioner were replaced after the car died while running one night (the alternator light came on, lost power and electrical).

My daughter took it to her job in Michigan two weeks ago. She stopped 100 miles into the drive. She said it barely turned over. She waited a few minutes (thinking it was flooded) and it started. She stopped 3 more times without any problems. The alternator light never came on again.

Today she called and it won’t start again-just getting the clicking sound.

Any one that can give me some ideas or suggest a good place to take it in Muskegon Michigan- I would appreciate it. I’ve thought I would tell her to take it to an Autozone and possibly change the battery.


LHoupt in Terre Haute, IN

Check the battery and check the main power conductors between the battery and starter and grounds to the battery and starter.

With no clue to the mileage, it’s hard to be certain, but it sounds like the starter motor is wearing out. If you check and clean all the connections, and it still happens, pay attention to the warning lights and even the headlights when it doesn’t want to start. They should dim some, but brighten up right away when you release the key. If they do, then you could be needing a new starter. Nothing lasts forever.