1998 Ford Taurus will not start after driving... if i wait 15 minutes it starts fine

Ok I’ve been having trouble with my car… usually it only happens after driving a good distance (30 miles) but recently i drove 5 miles and it happened again. To shorten it after driving i will turn off my car and if i try to turn it on again it won’t start, it acts like it wants to start but it just won’t turn over. Sometimes it does start but it does a chug a lug thing then stalls again… but either way if i wait about 10 to 15 minutes it starts up fine and drives with no problems. Any ideas!!!

Have you tried a flood clear procedure when the engine will not catch? Check your operator’s manual. The usual sequence is to put the accelerator on the floor; crank until the engine revs up; and then release the throttle till it idles.

If I were the mechanic on this case, I would be looking for a leaking fuel pressure regulator or injector. This would load the intake manifold with too much fuel to allow the engine to catch after cranking. You can verify the suspicion by putting a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel log and noting how quickly the pressure drops after the fuel pump is shut off.

Get back to us with the results of the flood clear and we can go from there.

Fuel pump is my idea. Unfortunately it can only be diagnosed in failure mode. Stop by your mechanic every time you go by and have them figure it out if the no start condition happens.

It could be a weak battery or alternator, but first open the hood and see what the battery looks like. Is the positive terminal covered by white crusty stuff? Is either terminal at all loose? Start with that, and if the terminals are clean and tight, then have the battery checked for voltage and amps and the alternator checked for output. You can go to an Autozone to have the battery tested inside the car. I’m not sure they can test the alternator inside the car. But if the battery is good and the terminals are tight and clean, then the alternator probably isn’t cutting it anymore.

My guess is that you have an ignition component that’s become heat sensitive with age. The most common to do this are coils and igniters. This is actually not an uncommon problem.

Pick up a spark tester at the local parts store, or a spare plug, and see if you can check for spark the next time this happens. You’ll need to solicit a bit of help, like a friend to turn the key while you check for spark, but it’s a definitive test.

Poat back with the results.

When you say “it acts like it wants to start but it just won’t turn over. Sometimes it does start but it does a chug a lug thing then stalls again…”, do you mean that the engine is turning over normally and not starting, or that it is not turning over fast enough to start the engine?

More info is better info, cranks but will not start or will not crank would clarify the problem.

It cranks but will not start

Electrical system is fine so i know its not the battery or alternator

When it doesn’t start it acts like it’s out of gas.

In that case ignore my answer and read the other answers. If this problem occurs only while it is raining, let me know that.

stlil thinking fuel pump

Likely a bad fuel pump.
Listen for the 2 sec fuel pump prime coming from the fuel tank when you first turn the key to “ON” (before cranking).
When hot, worn brushes in the pump will stop an old pump from priming.

OK so bought a new fuel pump and installed it over the weekend and IT’S ALIVE!!! It costed around $250ish but that is included some new jacks i needed to get to keep the car up. One car problem down… next the brakes LOL. Thanks for everyones input :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update!

I just went through that same situation. It is your fuel pump. It will be expensive to have fixed. I paid about $400.00 to have mine done.

The fuel pump is a hard thing to diagnose, unless you get it while it is in failure mode, as t throws no error codes. I hope your fix works. I miss the olden days when you could rebuild a fuel pump, things are now disposable parts, I hope your vehicle is dependable now.

sounds like the crank sensor… my buddy just had the same problem with his jeep. changed the crank sensor and all is well

I miss the days when I could stop at a Western Auto and buy a fuel pump diaphragm and take the screws out of the top of the pump and fix it without even taking the pump off the car.

I’m having this same issue with a 91 s-10 4cyl 2wd. The behaviour is almost identical, and it does seem to occur when it has been raining. What is the significance of that?