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98 Ford Ranger 4.0

The truck spits and sputers in the first 30/40 seconds in the morning and then runs great…restarting the tuck in the afternoon no spits or sputers.???


Mileage and routine maintenance would be helpful. Spark plugs, air filter gas filter are minimum. Is it all mornings, or is there a correlation to rain or heavy dew?

The next time you go to start it in the morning, turn the ignition switch to the run position so that the dash lights come on for two seconds, and then turn the ignition off. Repeat this a half a dozen times and then try starting the engine. If the engine starts and runs fine, there’s a problem with the anti-drainback valve in the fuel pump assembly.


I just had it out in the rain and it spited and spurted for quite awhile…rain went away and it stoped…ran great…

check the spark plug wires moisture is more than likely getting to them. if they are original id definatly replace them. lots of ppl that come on here have a similar problem