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98 explorer mice nest... blower removel

How can I access blower and ducts to remove mouse nest…I removed fasteners from fan unit under hood, but unit can’t come out all the way 'cause it will not clear past the windshield wash and coolant tanks. Do I need to access this from underneath passenger side?

You’ll have to remove the washer fluid bottle and the coolant reservior to completely remove the fan motor. Then you can see if the mice built a bungalow or a condo.

Then take a shop vac and stick the hose in the opening for the blower motor. Turn on the vac, and then with compressed air blow into the vents on the dash, in the floor vents, and in the defrost vents. And hopefully most of the nest can be removed. Otherwise the entire vent system will have to be disassembled. And you’re not goin’ to wanna do that.


Many thks, will give it a try. Was hoping to avoid taking more parts off under hood, but so be it…