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My impossible car - blower box is missing!

Hello everyone! I have an impossible car. I’ve been told this by the Ford dealership!
I have a 1996 Ford Contour and a while ago my husband and I were just driving when CLUNK! The blower fan fell onto my husband’s feet! Just like that! It still works and everything, but somehow the blower box was wisked away and we have no idea how or why.

I’ve called a lot of dealerships in my area and they all say it’s impossible to lose the blower box. I don’t need the fan or motor, I have those. I just don’t have a way to KEEP the fan and motor up where they should be. I can put the fan/motor up into this black cylinder that’s up under the passenger foot area (up behind the glove compartment) and turn it, and it locks in place, but the part that goes under it is gone, and after a few bumps the fan just plops right back out.

Now winter’s coming up, so I’m going to need that fan so I can run the defrost. I live in Illinois so that defrost is a necessity. Any suggestions?

Best approach is see in a “Pick your part” yard has what you need. You might be able to get the entire enclosure if you have the skill and tools to remove it.

This one is a job for Red Green.

Zip ties, Duck Tape, and other improvision using other “modified and adapted” parts have solved many a dilema on an old car.

Or you could slide under there with a flashlight, figure out what’s actually broken, and try to rplace it somehow. Or, if it’s stripped screw holes, rethread them oversive or put in inserts. Toothpicks broken in half can actually be great repait devices for stripped holes in plastic.