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98 Civic electrical problem

Greetings, I have a 98 Civic manual transmission that won’t start. I turn the key, all lights come on and won’t dim, but the connection doesn’t seem to touch the starter. I hear a click, but nothing. I know the battery is good, as well as the starter. I know these cars come with a clutch safety switch, and that is brand new. I also redirected the negative on the starter, since that has given me issues in the past. I’m at a loss at what else may be a problem. All fuses are good also. Please help!

Also, when push starting, it fires right up.

It may be defective, or installed wrong. Try shorting it out.

“redirected the negative on the starter” ? what does this mean.

It seems you are not getting power to your starter. If the above are not the problem, I’d check the battery and ground connections for corrosion.

All of that is fine, just looked again this morning. the starter was installed correctly, since it has worked right. I bought it a few months ago, it worked until the last time I drove it, when I got to my destination, then tried to start again, it wouldn’t. Battery connections are right, no corrosion.

did you remove the connections and check the mating surfaces?

If you have a voltmeter, you can easily trace where you are losing the power. Start with 12 volts at the battery, you should have >10 volts at both starter terminals, when attempting to start. If not, trace back the one that is low.

I don’t have a voltmeter, and yes, I pulled the connections.

Consider a faulty clutch safety switch or possible the electrical part of the ignition switch.

It’s new, but how would I check it?

Try replacing the Starter Cut Relay located under the dash.


Tester, that didn’t help either.

Can you figure out if the starter solenoid is getting 12V when you turn the key to Start?


Check fuse #31, 7.5 amp, Starter Signal, in the fuse box where integrated control unit is located to see if it’s blown.