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98 Civic auto trans reverse issue

My 98 Civic ex runs and shifts perfect to have 200,000+ miles but when you try and shift to reverse it grinds. It acts like it’s gonna shift into reverse but dosen’t. When you shift back into park or neutral you can hear it still spinning. Sounds like a card in spoke of bike. We have drained fluid twice and replaced also added trans-x. Any suggestions?

Is the D4 light blinking?


Ok now that i reset comp it’s not blinking

When it starts blinking again, take it in and have the codes read or you can pull the codes yourself. To get them yourself, you need to find the P2 connector. It’s under the dash on the passenger side at the top of the kick panel.

Pull it down, remove the cover, turn the ignition key to the run position (engine off) and short the two pins in the connector with a paperclip or short piece of wire. It will blink the codes using the D4 light. Post the code here and I will tell you what they are.

The code will be a series of either all short blinks or long and short blinks. Its a two digit code.