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'92 Accord Kicks in/out of 4th, D4 light stays on, Help!

This problem seems to be getting progressively worse. Our '92 Accord isn’t shifting gears correctly. The problem is most acute with D3-D4. We’ll start driving, D2… D3… then D4/D3/D4/D3, shifts up and down. D4 light never goes off. Even when shifted into P or Reverse, both lights show up, D4 brighter than the other.

Other searches I’ve done have suggested we replace the TCU/TCM. Anyone have this problem before? Can we fix it ourselves? How much would it cost?

Are we hurting our car by continuing to drive it like this or by driving at 3500 rpms in 3rd gear?

Take it to a Auto Zone or Advance and have them see if it is kicking a trouble code. If it is they can usually print out steps on repair.

The auto parts stores can’t scan your 1992 Honda. They can sell you the repair manual, which you can use to get the transmission DTCs. You do a certain thing and count the number of flashes of the D4 light. can give you the troubleshooting charts for each transmission DTC trouble code. Check with your public library for their Web site access to alldata (free to you).

Thanks for the advice. What do you mean by, “You do a certain thing.”

I have the blue book. Should I look in that?

No, this one’s going to have to go to a trans shop and be scanned.