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1999 Chevy S10 occasionally stalling while trying to go

So here is the problem. I go up to a light, stop. It turns green and I can’t go.

It is almost like it is in 5th. While trying to go, releasing the clutch is slowing the engine and it’ll stall out. Giving it extra gas does not seem to help. Of course, it is in first gear while trying to go, but it seems like it is not.

The fix I found is just shutting it off, and restarting the engine…I don’t think it is transmission related because it can stay in first the entire time from trying to stall through shutting it off and then driving.

I want to say it happens worse on hills…but I can’t get it to happen when I want it to…only with traffic behind me. (And anyone that drives standard knows stalling on a steep hill with traffic behind you is always fun…) So that got me thinking possibly fuel pump or intake? Fuel filter was replaced last month.

Full Details:

Chevy S10
Standard Transmission

Note: Other than this occasional problem, everything runs just fine.

Any Ideas? Thanks!

–Daniel L