Chevy S-10 having major issues

My 91 S-10 will lose power whenever I stop at a light or slow down. It also seems to “hick-up” out of the blue. I thought that maybe it was a fuel issue but does not seem to be the case. I have checked and replaced: Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Fuel Regulator, Spark Plugs and Wires, O2 Sensor, Cap and Rotor and EGR. Needless to say i am still having the same problem. Does any one have any suggestions for me to try next. Thanks

did you check the timeing?

another thought: clean the carb. if there is trash in the carb it will lose power once there is not enough pressure to force the gas through it.

MAP sensor, vacuum leak, or, as mentioned above, timing, could cause these symptoms. It would also be nice to know the engine size.

it is a 2.5 MAP sensor was also replaced and only seemed to help for about a day. Would cleaning the carb help if its running to rich?

Carb, on a '91? Oh, I know you meant the fuel injector system.

Given that it only happens when you’re slowing down, my guess would be the throttle position sensor, but it’s just that-- a guess. Before I threw any more parts at the thing, I’d get a service manual and a Volt-Ohm meter and start checking the sensors.

Have you tried pulling the codes?

Automatic transmission? Speed sensor or torque converter hiccup?

The two items you have not mentioned so far is the coil and the igniter. I have seen the igniters with some weird problems. The coil is more robust and usually acts up under hard load when there is most voltage demand.

Hope that helps. Please post back when you find out the solution to this porblem to help us lurkers out.