98 Altima Stalling Occasionally

About 2 months ago my 98 Altima died and wouldn’t start again. The mechanic who checked it out put in a new battery and said he couldn’t find anything else wrong with it. Ever since then my car has been idling really low and stalling occasionally. Nothing lights up on the dash. The times it has happened have been when I come to a complete stop or when I have stopped and then I accelerate to move again. It doesn’t die while I’m moving, just after I’ve come to a stop. I took it in to the mechanic recently and they said they can’t find anything wrong. Help!

Stalling can be caused by a number of things.

Amoung them are:
A faulty IAC (Idle Air Control) valve

Clogged fuel filter and/or possible water in fuel

Damaged ignition system wires

Vacuum leak at the intake manifold.

Mechanic isn’t putting enough effort into finding the stalling cause, perhaps find one that will.