98 altima car locks



OK, first off- my car doors continually lock (on occcasion and only recently) when i open the windows. then it started locking me out- the remote won’t work AND the key won’t unlock the car (except on the passenger’s side after a patient battle). i called my local car guy who said (surprise!) it’ll cost me to have it looked at and/or fixed. i thought maybe i could just turn off the electric locks and live in the 80s for a while- with a good old fashioned lock and key. my question is: is the car lock fuse in my car attached to another system and if i did turn the thing off how do i do that? or i should say, how do i have a friend do that? thanks!


I would think that if a fuse was the problem the doors would just not lock at all.

What was the usual action of those locks when they worked. Did they auto lock under what conditions? Did they lock from the remote? Did they all lock when the driver locked his door or what?


since i’ve owned the car (four years) the car locks when i use the remote and when i use the inside locks. it also would unlock just fine with the remote and the key- no problems until a couple weeks ago. all the doors did lock when i locked the driver door. they never “auto-locked” for any reason that i can think of…


I suspect the lock/unlock switch on the driver’s door has some dirty contacts and is causing the problem. You could try disconnecting it to see if that clears the trouble. If that helps then cleaning the contacts with some spray cleaner may fix it up.