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Jammed door lock on 1993 Altima

I can turn the manual door lock but it won’t actually unlock the door and allow me to open it. The lock just turns right back into the locked position. What’s the best way to get this door open so I can remove the inside panel and have the mechanism replaced?

Also, I’ve tried using the key from the outside as well. Doesn’t work.

if you can’t get it unlocked, it may need to be “slimjimmed” by a locksmith. usually PD’s will have slimjims too.

it sounds like the lock connecting rods may be bent, or the plastic connecting “snaps” may be broken.

has this car been in a door denting accident lately? have you been into the door cavity lately doing any window, door work? that may have contributed to this.

if this is the connecting rods, you can get more at a local junkyard.

No door dents or work in the door cavity. It started giving me some problems where I’d have to move the lock back and forth once or twice to unlock it one day, then suddenly that didn’t work anymore and it simply won’t unlock.

bump. Anyone else have any ideas?