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97 Wrangler problem

I have a 97 TJ, 2.5 ltr auto. For some time now Ive had some issues with my Wrangler turning over. I thought I had the problem fixed when I installed a new igition switch actuator (actually was broke when I took it out). The problem went away for a few weeks but is now back. The problem only seems to happen when it’s parked on an incline. Any ideas what the problem can be?

Thank you in advance!!!

Would you expand on that a bit? What kind of problems? Cranks slow? Not at all? Won’t start, just cranks. How 'bout telling us how many miles on this 23 year old Jeep? Is the 2.5 L a 4 cylinder gas engine?? Or are you in a country where that can be a diesel?

I’m in the U.S. My Jeep is gas, and has about 86,000 miles (winter vehicle). On an incline, she will not crank. However, I pushed it into the street which is level. Jeep fires right up! Only major work was a rebuilt transmission about 10 years ago.

I’d say you have a loose battery cable. Check the connections to the battery itself as a first step, then the one to the starter and the negative ground connection.

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I don’t like to guess but could a loose neutral switch cause this ?

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Good advice from @Mustangman and @VOLVO_V70. My son has a 98 and we have had to jumper around the fuse box for the headlights and starter. The wire terminals in the fuse box break off @ the crimp, Jeep forums have a lot of discussion about this. If the battery cable or neutral switch are not the culprit, let me be the first to welcome you to our exclusive club. The work around is a PITA

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Since you do not describe what is actually happening when you turn the key, I’m going to make a SWAG here. If it is no starter sounds, no turning over, no click or series of clicks, that is dead silence, when you are on an incline, you are NOT setting your parking brake or you are setting it after putting the transmission in park and taking your foot off the brake.

You are putting a strain on the parking pawl of the transmission and that may be tugging at the linkage just enough to open the park neutral safety switch and prevents any current from reaching the starter. But that is just a guess that would change with more information.