97 Toyota Paseo Belt Squeal

Toyota 1.5L engine has developed a belt squeal. It has a new belt, however it was in an accident, and all coolent was lost. Not sure how hot the engine got. Car sat for about 6 months, was repaired, started and runs great, except for the belt squeal. It seems to be the belt that runs the water pump and the alternator. Some days there is no squeal at all, some days it is nearly constant upon acceleration from a stop. After the speed gets up to about 20mph, it stops. The belt tension seems right. I removed the belt and both the alternator and water pump pulleys turn freely. What can I check next to determine what the problem is? I am suspecting the water pump, mostly because the belt does not contact the pulley much, only about 60 degrees, so it may not take much for the pulley/belt to slip.

Perhaps check the belt alignment? Maybe try the belt tension a little tighter? Good luck!