97 Town Car A/C and Aux Lights

Greetings there Folks. Questions about A/C and Auxilary Lights. The A/C quit on a 97 Town Car with about 140K. I suspect the compressor but don’t drive much in winter. How much should I expect to pay for a replacement compressor and is this a back yard mechanic type fix (the vacuum/refilling gets dome at the shop). And, I’m seeking advice on add on auxilary driving lights mounted about where the regular lights are. I’m looking for small and unobtusive. I have some “Cyber Whites”, better for fog as they’ve a thin wide beam and even with the H-3 100 watt replacement bulb they are weak. Any suggestions? All the Best,


If you are still checking on this post, try www.crownvic.net for your questions.