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A/C condenser

I accidentally drilled a small hole in my A/C condensor on a 1997 Chevy Lumina. Can I solder the hole and recharge the system or do I have to replace the condensor?

You may be better off replacing the condenser because it’s made of aluminum and aluminum is near impossible to solder. It simply won’t stick and a professional repair cost would not be worth it when compared to the cost of a new or used condenser.
On a '97 car I’d just find a used one.

Ok, Thanks. I was hoping I could do a cheap repair myself but I can get a used condensor for around $30.00. Guess thats not too bad.

I want to hear the story about when the drill bit broke through. You tell yours and I will tell mine.

lol, Well:) I was installing a tranny cooler and was drilling a hole in the body, just above the condensor, and thought i had enough clearance. I got a little over confident and didn’t double check. Right as the bit broke through it caught and went all the way in and got the top edge on the condensor, spraying me with refridgerant. I was so proud of making the cooler look almost factory and then did that:) Not one of my better moments:)

Is it in a place that would allow a small screw to be installed? If so, use an aluminum screw to be sure there’s no incompatability of metals (and galvanic corrosion) and a small O-ring. It’s worth a try.

If it makes you feel any better, everyone has an inadvertent slip now and then and sometimes it’s more than that; it’s a WTH was I thinking moment. I’ve had several of the latter when the body parts are going in one direction and the brain is ambling off in another. :frowning:

OK here is mine, I needed to put a compressor and acccumulator on a 97 or so cavalier. Well I thought I had already discharged the system and loosen the big nut at the accumulator (really took it all the way off) as soon as the retaining power of the nut was gone that fully charged system blew that line right off the accumulator, it was like a waterfall comming out of there.