2002 ford taurus my coling fans not working help me please

The problem could be with the fan motor, the fan relay, or the coolant temp sensor for the fan.

Have you tried turning on the AC to see if the fans come on then?


when i turn the ac on the fans still dont work.

have you checked the fan relay or the fan motor?
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which fan are you talking about? the fans on the radiator which help cool your radiator? or the fan in the dash, which heats the interior?

Then it’s time to check the circuit’s fuses to make sure they’re good. And because the fans can run after the ignition is turned off, there’s probably a fusible link from the battery to the fan motors that could have burned.


I’m assuming he means the radiator fan (coling fans), but could be wrong.

in another posting, he says radiator fans.
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48ford, if and when you can read this, stop it with the duplicate posts

Now it’s the cooling fans? Have you checked the fuses?

I guess that he is still looking for those fuses.