Ford Taurus Overheating Problem

Long Story, but last three months had replaced: thermostat(2x’s), water pump, radiator (total flush of system), engine coolant sensor, and had major tune-up (fuel/air filters, new plugs

and wires) w/oil change…and recently replaced the reservoir cap. Auto mechanics and 2 Ford Dealership Service Department have hooked computer analysis up…all show

range of normal in sitting idle. However,

after driving around temperature gauge at

times shows it approaching “H” (and a/c

shuts off)…Car has been excellent until

I had a thermostat replaced 4 months ago!?

Any ideas or has this car w/ 70,000+mi.

(6 cyl. DOHC) 2002 Ford Taurus SEL worn out

its welcome? At wit’s end trying to

understand what could be causing this

continued problem. Thank you.

Have you had it tested for a blown head gasket? I would look into it, especially after repeated overheating.

Thanks for your prompt interest and suggestion…I had the Service at the local
Ford Dealership check the engine/compression, etc. (confirmed by mechanics at
Pep Boys here) that there was no problem with the engine! It only overheated
apparently once when my daughter drove it and had to wait in idle for a long
period of time to cross the bridge into Canada…she immediately pulled over and
turned the car off (waited til it cooled down, added anti-freeze)…Since then
there has been no actual overheating problem, but at times erratically the
gauge gradually shoots upwards (and if a/c is on it cuts off)—recently bought
a new radiator/reservoir cap and it seems to do better, but the tendency at times
returns which is troubling.
Again thank you.

Does it or has it lost any coolant during these episodes? On the ground or not?

Is there any “maple syrup” smell at the exhaust pipe?

Maybe an intermittent problem with the radiator cooling fan?
This is controlled by the ECM (computer) so it could be a glitch in that area (not likely in my opinion) or it could be a shaky fan motor.

With the engine off (and cold) try rotating the blade by hand. It should turn freely.
I will also point out that whenever the A/C compressor is running (A/C, DEFROST, Bi-Level) the radiator fan MUST be running. If not, the engine will overheat due to heat from the A/C condenser and the additional engine strain.

Many Sable and Tauri (plural :slight_smile: ) cars used a module to control various functions including cooling fan, A/C, fuel pump, etc. This module is essentially a box of relays with a fancy title like Integrated Controller Relay Module, etc.

Sometimes a fault may exist with these but it’s not necessarily a bad module. It’s the connector that attaches to it. Sometimes unplugging them and reconnecting the harness will cure the proble. Assuming the problem is with this in the first place.

This is similar to what I’m referring to anyway.

Hope some of that helps you out.

Want to thank everyone so far who took the time to reply and advise me.
I shall explore the cooling fan advice, since the fans do seem to act
a bit erratically. (Also, I have not lost coolant, nor smell 'maple syrup’
smell from tail pipe, which was asked by someone.) Thanks again.

Want to thank everyone who assisted me…Problem resolved after all symptoms
reappeared…took it back to another repair shop of the same chain, they honored
the warranty and their mechanics found: wrong thermostat installed! and cracked
fins on the new water pump as well! Incredible bad luck initially in have poor
mechanics, and defective parts, I guess. It seems to run fine now, and I have
renewed hope that this Ford Taurus shall last a few more years…since Ford’s
better ideas these days seem to involve having cars assembled in Mexico…

Normally there is no report back and people hang around here not ever knowing what became of issues.

So - many thanks on behalf of everyone who visits these boards for being thoughtful enough to post back with the resolution.

While I wasn’t a contributor, I too thank you. As Cigroller said, we rarely hear back and we all appreciate it.

Let the chain’s corporate office know what happened. They need to be aware that that one of their shops is this sloppy. It’s costing them money and very likely customers.