2017 toyota tacoma TRD PR0 4x4 automatic

Rear passenger brake locked up in store parking lot. tried to back but rear passenger side locked up.
tried putting in drive still lockup. repeated this many times to no avail. tried setting the parking and releasing, no good. Dealer sent tow truck. Tow truck driver pulled truck onto flat be with rear wheel still not turning. Went dealer the next day and they had no idea what happened. I don’t know how the tow truck driver got it off the truck. Dealer called Toyota, they didn’t any answers either. Dealer check all components SAT.
There were no failure codes and no dash board lights.


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It was dragged off the truck like it was dragged on. That should be OK. It’s under warranty, let Toyota fix it.

Common reasons

  • parking brake stuck
  • hydraulic rubber tube collapsed

For a 2017, more likely the first one. Shouldn’t be much trouble for a shop to discover what’s causing one wheel’s brake to lock up. But they’ll probably have to take the brakes on that wheel apart first.

The deal inspect all components and all were SAT., they even call Toyota, and they didn’t know either.

So is the wheel turning again, then? Because if it’s not, and the dealership can’t figure out why, they’re dangerously stupid and you should get someone who’s actually seen a car before to look at it.


SAT = Saturday???

the wheel turned for the tow truck driver to get it off the flat bed
dealer tested it for five days but couldn’t get it to lock up again

Suggest you take a little more time on your postings to at least include punctuation. You’ll get better results here if you make that effort.

So it locked up and became unlocked for no apparent reason? Has the dealer taken the brake components apart on that wheel yet and inspected them on the bench under good lighting? If not, what type of inspection did they do?

Who pays for that? If you tell a technician to put the brake shoes on the bench for close inspection for free I expect that he would pack his tools and leave.

Yeah your right , I was getting frustrated after I lost the posting and then I put in the wrong topic area.
I talked to the mechanic and he took all the critical measurement of axle and brake components.

Everything was to spec and shoes were centered properly.

We’ll just have to wait and see if it happens again.

If it happens again, make sure the dealership mechanic looks at it before it is taken off the truck. I suspect rolling it backwards released whatever was binding - you want the mechanic to see that before it releases.

I think he means satisfactory.

The brake might not have locked up.

But instead that axle in the rear differential.



The customer of course. They pay the shop’s hourly rate. It’s like if you go into Star Bucks and buy a cup of coffee. Who pays for that? The customer of course. So the customer pays. Unless the shop and customer agree prior to a different compensation scheme.