2005 Mitsubishi Endevor transmission issues

I have a 2005 Mitsubishi Endevor, automatic transmission with 128,000 miles. The issue I keep running into is that when the car gets up go about 25 miles an hour it jerks a little and goes into limp mode(neutral light flashes). From what I can tell the car just gets stuck in third gear because of this. This has happened 5-6 times now and it doesn’t usually last long, a day or two and then it goes out of limp mode and shifts normally again. The check engine light is also on, I got the code read and it says P0768. From what I’ve gathered that’s the shift solenoid. I don’t know if that’s the issue or how it would be fixed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Another thing I should add is that the car really drives fine when the happens, it’s pretty sluggish but it’s not really an issue otherwise. Thanks

Well, I think you have a clue as to what is wrong, if a shift solenoid is acting up you can get the symptoms you are getting. Take it to a local independent shop for their opinion. Has the fluid/filter ever been changed on the transmission. If you can check the fluid (some new cars cannot be checked -aarrgghh) what does it look like? If it is pink and sweet or oily smelling the fluid is OK. If it is brown or smells burned the fluid has served it’s useful life and needs to be changed. But your local shop can help with that.

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How much DIY are you up for? A shift solenoid is usually something screwed into the transmission with a wire going to it. You could check that wire and connections and if OK maybe change the solenoid yourself. Do keep up with recommended trans service, using the correct fluid.

Thanks, I changed the fluid a few weeks back. The issue went away but it is back again. I imagine it’s gotta be the solenoid so I should investigate it’s confition