97 saturn fuel problem continued

so, $300 I’m still having the problem of the car stalling when i go into gear- mostly when it is hot. i’ve had coils replaced, and found that I had a broken bolt on the clutch that needed replacing, and soem fly wheel? belt replaced- so when it runs it is running great, tho the same problem remains. Now I am trying fuel injection cleaner. I only drive once or twice a week and some are saying that is my problem. all the codes he ran are fine.

Others are saying I need a choke relay?

Still confused-any suggestions?

Your post is very confusing. Perhaps if you cleaned it up a little you might get an answer.

A '97 Saturn does not have a choke, much less a choke relay. Whoever is telling you that should be ignored.

Not sure what your “broken bolt on the clutch” means, and “soem fly wheel? belt replaced?” What does that mean?

If you want answers or suggestions you have to provide more detail. We’re not mind readers. We can’t see you or your Saturn. You have to tell us, in detail, what is going on.

I told the whole story just a short while ago so I thought it might be remembered. The car starts fine and when it warms up and you put it in gear, it dies, stalls. sometimes. if I flutter the gas petal it will catch and sometimes not. After it stalls i have to wait about 15 minutes for it to start again.It has 104,000 miles on it and i do all the regular maintanance. the fuel filter was jsut replaced and oil changed.

The problem could be caused by a lot of little things— which necessitates you doing a lot of little things: Inspect/change sparkplugs and spark plug wires; inspect/change air filter; clean MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) with MAF Cleaner; clean throttle body and idle air control valve passages with Throttle Body Cleaner; check fuel pressure at different engine loads.

it’s going in on tuesday- I’ll run this by him and get back to you.
Air filter and sparkplugs and wires are good.

What you have to figure is that this board is just a general public place where people pop in and talk car stuff. (Its not a place where Tom & Ray reply to people’s car problems). There are “regulars” on the boards but its no one’s “job” to be here, and everyone drops in & out intermittently. I actually drop in pretty often by don’t have any recollection of ever having seen your post. Probably the same for many others.

The best thing to do is to find your initial post and reply to it to provide further info. That way anyone who happens to drop in can get the whole story.