97 Ram sluggish

My 1997 Dodge 3 quarter ton truck 154,000 miles seems to be a little sluggish for me at times. I believe there may be a vacuum line or some kind of an intake leak somewhere but im not exactly sure. At about half throttle or a little less, it sounds like it is pulling in a massive amount of air. Example: It reminds me of the older pickup trucks when people used to flip the air filter cover upside down so it would take in more air and “sound cool” from inside the cab. Any ideas on what I should look for first. Ive lifted the hood to see if possibly i could get a better understanding of where it might be coming from but either it is too faint at idle, or it is heard better from the inside of the cab through the firewall.

One thing i forgot- it has the 5.9L V8 magnum. Sorry about that!

uh oh. No replies?