'94 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9L V8 engine stutters under load

This problem is becoming worse (sometimes, non-existent other times). It first presented as the engine stuttering at highway speeds under load. There is no “check engine” light on. Initially thought “ignition” problem. Had ignition checked, had ignition coil, distributor and rotor replaced. Problem did not go away! Took the truck back to the same guys who re-diagnosed an intake manifold gasket leak ($550 gasket job, on top of the previous cost of the ignition diagnostics and parts).

Still have the same problem, took it to a guy who does lots of work on trucks for DNR/BLM/Forest Service. Says he’s seen the same thing in many similar Ram trucks. Says it’s the “single line fuel injection system” in hot ambient air temps with a hot engine the fuel boils at the elbow joint between the fuel line and the bar where the fuel gets distributed to the injectors.

This diagnosis seemed to fit the symptoms as I was experienceing them perfectly until yesterday when the truck started doing it again on a cool morning before the engine was even warmed up.

Any, ideas?

Thanks in advance. . .

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Has the fuel filter and air filter been change too?

You might want to check the fuel pressure regulator as well. (It is situated before the fuel rail)

Then again, it may not even be a fuel related fault.

Replace the spark plug wires.