Sluggish 1994 Dodge Pickup 4X4 360 cu in

I bought a 1994 4X4 with over drive, new. For the past 19 years I have had mushy brakes, the motor pinged when asked to work, but the gas mileage was acceptable. When the Check Engine light [about a month ago] came on the mechanic checked the vacuum pressure and it was at the low end. A new vacuum Servo [and matching wiring harness] and the truck runs like it is on steroids. The Servo has had a bad thyroid since 1994. I am excited to see how much my mileage improves.

Did you have a question?

What part was the vacuum servo connected to? Ignition advance maybe?

With 19 years of mushy brakes and pinging you’re very lucky to still be around; much like the motor.

i guess dodge service or warranty work was pretty poor in 94?