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'97 Nissan Pickup Stalls when warmed up

I have a 1997 Nissan pickup that runs rough and stalls after it warms up. This started after I used a gas additive that cleans the injectors, valves, etc. The code tells me it’s the Mass Air Sensor but the sensor is OK. The truck runs like it is too rich, but only after it warms up. What should I check next? Could it be dirty or bad injectors? Choke pull-off? How do I test things to find out. I can’t afford to take it to a professional right now and I need to get it running.



We can eliminate the choke pull off, it doesn’t have one. How did you get the code and what was the exact code. I have a 97 Nissan PU and the factory service manual for it, I can look it up and maybe help you.

One more thing, has anyone messed with the throttle stop? It is NOT an idle adjustment and it can cause your problem. There is an idle position switch on the throttle body, if someone messes with the throttle stop screw, it will prevent the idle position switch from making and then the computer won’t be able to control the IAC and give you a smooth idle.

dude sounds like he knows his stuff i’d take his advice and help

My wife went to Autozone and had them get the code but she didn’t get me a printout so I don’t know the code. I’ll go back Saturday and have them pull the codes again.

I was gone for a couple of weeks and the neighbor’s son worked on it some. It looks like he messed with the position of the sensor on the front of the throttle-body that’s looks like it senses the throttle position. I don’t know if he played with the throttle stop. Is that the screw with the lock nut at the back of the throttle body that rests on what looks like a solenoid?