97 Lumina power window


I’ve read blogs of advice from other sites but I’m hoping to get something more concrete. The passenger side front door window on our 97 Lumina four door sedan will not go down. I’ve replaced the window regulator/motor assembly only because I knew it was an electrical problem and the motor only comes with the regulator. I should have troubleshot further before buying the part, but I used a meter to check for power going to the motor and both wires of which there are only two, both showed power individually when the button was pushed for the respective direction. When the plug was still plugged into the window motor, only the up position would click when you selected up and wouldn’t even click when the down was selected. Well it’s still the same with the new motor and I even swithced the wires to the motor by jumping to the opposite terminals and the window will go down when selected. So I checked continuity with all of the wires going from one side of the car to the other and they all appeared to check good. Note: the drivers door not would put the passenger window up or down, but the passenger window button puts it up. So while checking continuity, I notice the drivers door switch assembly for all of the windows had a circuit board in it and I just thought that something went bad on the board. So I changed the switch assembly…still doesn’t work. Some people have said it may be a bad ground and if so where would the ground(s) be located for the windows? Some have said they have simply cut the smaller gray wire of the two gray wires in the harness and that fixed the problem. Anybody have any ideas?


Ground wires for door components should be routed from the respectful component (switch, window motors or lock actuators) through the door to cabin to ground, rather than trying to rely on the door hinges for ground.