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1997 Jeep Cherokee Laredo Electrical problems

I just bought a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Laredo it is in good condition… except. At intermittent intervals ( varies from every few minutes to maybe once per half hour) the overhead console lights and the light under passenger side dash blink on and off. It also tends to do this more often when I make right turns. The auto door locks also lock when it is doing this even if they are already locked. I did research online but the only thing I found was an old Bulletin Board thread were somone was having the exact same problems as I am (I wonder if I bought the car they had). So far it is only annoying but hoping it doesn’t progress to something worse. Does anyone have any ideas?

Well, now you know why the previous owner sold it.

There’s got to be a bad electrical connection somewhere. Good luck finding it.

Another possibility is a circuit shorting to ground. Every time it grounds the lights come on and the locks cycle. Which circuit? Beats me. You need an expert in automotive electrical systems. It’s time to consult the phone book.

Well I actually have seen a couple of postings on other sights (none ever got a good responses) of the ecact same thing occouring which means this happens to more then one vehicle i’m hoping someone might see this that has had a similar situation and see what they found out.

Turn the ignition on but don’t start the vehicle. Now work your way systematically from the front of the vehicle to the rear shaking every wire you can find and listening for the door locks. If it is your lucky day, you will find a wire or harness full of wires that is/are causing the problem. If you find it/them, you can then try to identify whether the problem is a loose connector, pinched wire, or whatever. Also rap everything in the fuse box with a screwdriver handle. Same drill. Listen for the door locks.

If that doesn’t work, get ahold of a wiring diagram and try to work out which wire(s) and connectors are “upstream” of the stuff that is blinking, but not upstream of other devices that would do something noticable if the power cut off for a second. Presumably, the problem will lie somewhere in that wiring.

It almost sounds like the remote keyfob may have a problem. If you lock or unlock the doors using it do those same things happen then? If so, then the keyfob may have a dirty switch button.

Thanks I will try both of those suggestions. Has anyone else seen or heard of this happening?