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97 infiniti - rough starting

Have a 97 infiniti i30 with 138k miles. It has just started to have trouble starting. It will begin to turn over and then stop and start up again. If I tap the gas it will usually start. Seems to happen more when the car has been sitting for a while. I haven’t noticed any puff of smoke out of the tail pipe but I will begin to look for that. Also, checked the oil and can’t seem to get a good reading on it as it seems to be all over the dipstick no matter what I try.

There may be an IAC (idle air control valve) fault or perhaps a dirty throttle body or even a disruption in the fuel delivery.

I don’t know when you check the engine oil level, but the best time is first thing in the morning after the oil has cooled and has completely settled.

If the dipstick is wiping the side of the dipstick tube on the way out, it will cover the reading.

I was checking the oil level based on the manual which calls for running it for 10 minutes etc. I will check tomorrow morning - Thanks