97 GMC Vortek will not start. Startrs with ether and runs fine. Fuel prseeure regulator under intake and in fuel tank.

Everyone says injection problem. Fuel pressure goes to 60 at key on then drops off.

please advise

Sounds like injector problems, too. What trouble codes are set?

The fuel pressure should hold for several minuets. Fuel pressure fall-off is either a fuel leak line leak, leak back through the fuel pressure control valve, or the fuel injector(s) leaking (which can flood the engine).
Examine the fuel pressure regulator. Pull the vacuum hose from it. Is there fuel in the vacuum hose? If there is, the f/p regulator has ruptured. Squeeze the fuel-return-to-gas tank line and turn the f/p on watch the fuel pressure. If the fuel pressure now stays high, the f/p regulator may be adjustable to bring the f/p pressure to 41-17 psi, where it should be.http://www.autozone.com/shopping/repairGuide.htm?pageId=0900c15280067e26

does not set any trouble codes