1997 GMC Sonoma V6 4.3L

I have been experiencing some problems getting my Sonoma started in the mornings. It seems that if it sits too long (over the weekend), it won’t start right off. It does happen occasionally where it doesn’t start after a nights rest also.

So far I have replaced the plugs, wires, distributer and fuel pump.

Has anyone had/heard of a problem similar to this?

Thank you.

check the ignition wire

I had the same problems I changed the ignition wires works fine now

It could be a bad fuel pressure regulator. Have the fuel pressure checked. Sometimes you can remove the vacuum line from it and if there is fuel in it, replace it. Sorry you had the fuel pump changed; that’s ususlly not the cause.

4.3 Z, 4.3 W.

check the COIL.

This has a fuel injector assembly that has a regulator on it that fails. It’s a common problem. The injector assembly needs to be replaced.