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97 Ford Probe GTS engine light P1195

Hi guys. So I went to get a pre-smog on my car and was told that it would fail due to a high idle, preventing them from testing the timing properly. I got the idea to test the Idle Air Control and following instructions from Haynes, unplugged it during idle to see if the rpms would fluctuate. They did, so IAC should be fine. But that’s when i got the cel.

I took it to a mechanic who fixed the high idle, but could not fix the cel. he believed it was the computer. well, i went to a place that tested computers and they said it was fine.

So i gave in and took it to the ford dealership thinking they would know what it was all about. 3 increasingly expensive estimates later, nothin.

My scanner reads the code as “host bus controller failed to initialize” or something like that. Research on the net told me that that just means my particular scanner can’t read this code properly. But the mechanic and dealer agree on the p1195 part.

I’ve read this is a common problem for probes, but have heard explanations everywhere from dirty intakes, bad map sensor, gunky throttle body, blocked hoses, bad computer, etc.

I’ve replaced the “purge control valve” (in back next to the 2 vris solenoids) and the “boost sensor” (attached to the top of the air filter casing and says “boost” on it, tho many people have said there’s no such thing) and checked vacuum on the hoses and solenoids that i could reach easily.

my next step is to replace the map sensor. that’s more $ and i’m not even that confident that that will solve the problem.

would appreciate any advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about or has had experience with p1195. I only say that because many people can’t even agree on what the code means, let alone how to fix it. then again, the only forums i could find are 4-5 years old or more

many thanks in advance


I am not sure what the problem is for sure but I seem to have the worst of it. I have the same code for a 96 ford probe GT. My big problem with this is the car is very hard to drive and it makes me look like I don’t know how to drive a stick.

I see that a lot of people have the code come up but they really dont hav any car problems. For me I have to ride the clutch untill the rpms are over 3000 or so. After that it is hard to get into the 2nd gear. By the time you get into 3rd it seems to be ok but again you have to have it up to 3000-4000 RPMs to get it to go.

In the lower gears it trys to die but never will. The problem I have is that when I hit the gas fast for say the car starts to chug and wants to die out. If I do it very slow I can get it to go up to 6000 RPMs while I am just siting in the driveway(note I am not trying to dive it at 6000 RPM just trying to rev the engine).

The two things that i have foundon the net is the baro sensor and the EGR boost sensor( i think it is the same thins). This part says boost rite on it. Form my understanding it seems to be a wire problem. I wored on it for 3 months or so here and thereand could not get it to run, so i went to pay some one to do the work for me. that guy had my car for 6 weeks and 2 days. When i got it bck it worked pretty good. The only problem was that code ws still on. well 5 days after paying over $600 for it to be fixed and more tha 6 weeks to get it back it shit the bed again. has any one come up with a solution? I really need to get this car working. I was a dumb as with my new one and now i am back to the old one. Please help if you can.

Date posted 10-12-2009 4:44A.M. ETZ

I can’t help much, but one tiny bit of your puzzle is that P1195 being higher than P0999 is a manufacturer defined code rather than one of the standard EPA defined codes. That is likely to mean that it pertains to an unconventional piece of emissions hardware or to a conventional device used in an unconventional manner. It also means that it can have entirely different meanings for different manufacturers or even different product lines. That may be why there is disagreement on what the code means.

Manufacturer defined codes are often (but not always) related in some weird way to the corresponding standard code. In your case, that would be P0195 Oil Temperature Sensor Malfunction. I can’t think what the relationship would be, but maybe you can. I would check the Oil Temperature sensor and its wiring just in case. But if it has anything to do with an OTS it’s more likely to be a problem with a (second) OTS used to check temperature elsewhere or something like that. A straight OTS problem surely would throw P0195. I’m inclined to think that isn’t the way that the number 1195 was arrived at anyway, but what do I know?

“host bus controller failed to initialize” certainly sounds like a scanner-computer communication problem, but a 1997 model Ford should use one of the three basic OBD protocols and should work with any universal scanner – even an old one. And in any case, the code number P1195 is surely being created by the computer. So, your scanner probably is talking to the computer. I’m guessing that your vehicle computer is having trouble talking to some other computer in the vehicle.

FWIW, P1195 for Ford is documented as “SCP HBCC failed to initialize” SCP SBCC seems to mean “Standard Corporate Protocol Hosted Bus Controller Chip” whatever the hell that might mean.

I would suggest that you focus on the EGR.

On a Mazda (and your car is actually a Mazda mechanically, with a Ford-designed body & Ford badges), that code indicates a problem with the EGR Boost Circuit.