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'96 ford probe problem

I am in major need of help! I have a '96 Ford Probe GT V6 2.5L 24 Valve. It started missing at idle awhile back, and then started stalling out while driving. I had the OBD 2 hooked up to it, and two codes came up, Cylinder 5 misfire detected and Camshaft Position sensor. They told me at that point since it was the Camshaft Sensor and that’s part of the distributor, I would have to buy a new distributor. I did. But it still misses but now it sputters real bad and stalls out when the accelerator is pressed. So, I had it tested again and now it comes up with about 12 different codes!!! I took it to a repair shop, and they did some testing, but still hadn’t come up with the exact cause, so I went and got the car. I cannot afford to keep having all this testing done. I have already spent about $700.00 the past month trying to get this figured out, and it’s still not fixed. We have replaced the distributor, plugs & wires, MAF, throttle position sensor, and fuel filter. The fuel pressure is fine, so it’s not the fuel pump. Any idea what the problem might be?? PLEASE HELP!!!

Didn’t you post before on 05/16/2008 with this post: ? If that is your post, do you have any responses to most of the questions asked? If not, they’ll likely be asked again.

And, what about the post on 01/12/2008: ? Didn’t any of those 73 responses help you, at all?

No. That’s not me…My name is Teri, that is Bryan. This is the first time I have posted here.

Fords are famous for a problem with their TFI Ignition Control Module which is attached on, or near, the distributor. Click this link:,APP37113/vehicleId,2142401/initialAction,partProductDetail/store,1140/partType,00029/shopping/partProductDetail.htm When this critter goes bad, the engine will stall, run rough, and fail to start …sometimes.