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'97 Concorde needs help

OK, here goes. Car has 123,000+, have replaced AC, starter, alt., new CO2 sensors, new rubber all around, gets 23.8 MPG, 3.2 engine, oil changes every 3000 miles, no dents or rust, clearcoat is pealing of (red), etc.

Q: All of sudden, a blue cloud comes, and it just started to burn 1/2qt per week, why? What can I do?

Mechanic since the beginning of owning car had pit in some type of special fluid in oil to aide and stop smoke. Didn’t work. Checked out rings, still in great condition. FYI: can from dealership and owns same car.

Please help out.

The rings can be in great condition and make the required compression for the engine. The problem is that the oil ring(s) can break and cause oil consumption. The valve guide seals can also fail and cause the oil consumption that you are stating. No amount of oil additives will stop the flow of into the combustion chambers. It needs to be checked and repaired.