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Car going through 2 qourts of oil a week

Well my car it’s a 2000 Honda accord with 130 some thousand miles I think it’s the rings if any body got any advise oh the exaust does not smell like oil so I’m not real sure.

if you want advice you’ll need to say a lot more than that. how many miles do you drive in a week? how long has this been going on? sudden? gradual? how is the car running? how is its maintenance? why do you think its the rings?

in any case if you’re burning 2 qts/wk your exhaust should not only smell but you should see at least some smoke (blue to black, not white) - and the car would probably be running like crap.

have you at least checked for leaks? what else have you done besides smell the exhaust?

If you don’t see blue smoke then with that much oil being lost I don’t think your burning it. With that much oil being lost you should see some if not a LOT of blue smoke. Have you checked for oil on the ground or on the engine??? Checked the radiator for signs of oil in it.