97 Chevy K1500 will not start

Hello, I have a 97 Chevy K1500 truck that i have been having problem with starting. Sometimes it will start. When it does the idle is rough. When i put in in gear it almost acts like it will shut off. Then it comes back and it drives fine. If it shut it off it may or may not start. I had the distributor cap a rotor replaced. Then I replaced the spark plugs and wires. Still does not start. It seems like it is getting too much fuel. I pulled the fuel pump relay and the truck would start then die out. When i put the relay back in truck does not start. I am not sure what might be the next piece to look at. I was thinking the MAP sensor or the throttle position sensor. So far i have not had any codes come up.


Next time it does not start, squirt a little starter fluid in the throttle body. If it runs, then it’s a lack of fuel issue. If not, pull a plug and lay it against the chassis and check for spark.

Then you will need to check fuel pressure. Also, the fuel spiders are a known problem. http://www.google.com/aclk?sa=l&ai=CFpqp3p2yVcjiBIGhfsXrhNgDvNW12gWEjefdsAG8kaea_AMIBBABILP4_hgoCmDJrr6H4KO0EKAB3vnt_gPIAQeqBCZP0Bt-npNZd58pkebyeCW_99zgA1-hMACaRXVe7_nEyYT0GNIWm8AFBaAGJtgGBIAHioaSAYgHAZAHAqgHosIbqAemvhvYBwHgEunss7z2lZ3oBQ&sig=AOD64_1iCyTxFX90C68no7NfaP-u1tx7eg&ctype=5&clui=1&rct=j&q=&ved=0CCIQwg9qFQoTCPPD9MrL9MYCFck3PgodJMIF1w&adurl=http://tracking.voltagesearch.com/416-36002582-1-t19392499-13686-19614-5163398/%3Forigin%3Dpla

I checked spark when i changed the plugs at it was fine then. I think i checked the fuel pressure but will check again.

“Also, the fuel spiders are a known problem.”

Yes…yes they are.